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YEP is a great program spanning 4 weeks that is focused on helping you figure out what kind of job you would be best suited for. Through activities and small groups, be ready to get to know yourself a little better as you explore what makes a career.

CCM’s YEP program helped me visualize my goals and connect with like-minded people. Albert and my team leader helped me see areas in my planning that were flawed. I would definitely recommend YEP for anyone who isn’t sure or haven’t researched how to achieve their goals.

About YEP

Over a series of webinars and workshops, participants will go through topics like practical skills, career development, and transition from school to career through guided self-reflections and support from our dedicated facilitators and mentors.

Our Mission

As many feel discouraged as they encounter difficulties finding employment, CCM Canada has created the Youth Employment Program (YEP) to support the young people in our community. YEP aims to empower participants to take meaningful actions towards their careers by building motivation and giving participants the tools to take charge of their own success.


Topic #1
Practice Skills

  • How to write resume and cover letter (exp: what content to include, how many pages, etc)
  • Interview Preparation (exp: what to wear, important questions, knowing the companies values and goals)
  • Follow up work (exp: sending thank you letters)

Topic #2
Career Development

  • Soft skills: communication, networking, teamwork and time management.

Topic #3
Transition from School to your Career

  • Differences between school and career
  • How to prepare for working full time
  • Myths and truths of the working world
  • How to not overload/burnout

Guest Speaker

Albert Fung

M. Ed
I am a career development educator who is passionate about supporting post-secondary students in exploring and reaching their career possibilities. I once was an undergraduate student who was utterly confused about my career options before a series of unexpected events led me to the field of career development almost 12 years ago. I currently works at the career services of a comprehensive university in BC and recently completed my Master of Education in Educational Leadership.


Katie Choi

My name is Katie Choi and I just graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Social Work. I am currently working as a Mental Health Worker at Hong Fook Mental Health Association. My experience as a YEP participant last year helped me to step out of my comfort zone by networking with other folks. It was frightening yet rewarding to connect with other people and share our experiences. As a participant, I was able to learn from my facilitators and speaker, as well as offer my experience to other participants. Now, I am one of the facilitators for the upcoming YEP and I cannot wait to connect with more people.

Wyatt Sze

I have been working in the local banking industry for 11 years. My responsibilities were mostly to arrange financing up to $10 million for local companies; for their purpose of equipment/office purchase, business expansion, and acquisition of other companies. 2 years ago, I took a leave from work to further study statistics and probability, and computer programming. In June 2021, it was a great pleasure to help as a facilitator for YEP, and hope that my up and down career journey could be used as a confidence boost for the participants to find theirs.

Andy Lee

The YEP is an excellent opportunity for young people to learn more about their passions and potential career choices. It was a privilege to work along with passionate mentors and participants. Albert is fantastic in outlining the meaningful elements to help participants be successful in their journey.

Paul Lau

Hi, my name is Paul and I just moved to Canada with my family from Hong Kong. I am currently working as a Coordinator in the Family Ministry at CCM Vancouver Centre. It is a great pleasure for me to participant in this years YEP as a facilitator. I have been working as Career Facilitator for more than 10 years and I love chatting with new friends to learn more about what they’re looking for and hearing about their life stories.